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NFC and RFID Mobile Sensors




NFC mobile sensors with data logger and RFID compatible wireless interface. Read more ..


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GoSense Wireless products use the ISO15693 air interface for global compatibility with NFCv and high-frequency (HF) RFID. This frequency band does not require a licence and is harmonised throughout Europe, the USA and Asia so that products can be used globally without modification.



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Product Line


Mobile NFC sensors with programmable data logger that operate with coin cell or energy harvester power source. Read more ..


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Tilt - Orientation

Vibration - Motion - Acceleration





Agriculture - Horticulture

Archives - Libraries - Museums

Natural Environment

Built Environment


RFID - Auto-ID Internet of Things

Security - Safety

Supply Chain - Logistics




GoSense Wireless has been shortlisted for an Innovate UK grant on Wearable Technologies. Read more about the competition here ..


GoSense Wireless selects Melexis B.V. as technology provider for NFC and RFID integrated circuit technology, and becomes a Melexis wireless sensing solutions partner. Read more ..







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